Welcome to SCJ Holdings Limited

SCJ Holdings Limited ‘SCJH’ is a Land Management Company that is wholly-owned by the Government of Jamaica. SCJH operates specifically to support job creation, improve foreign trade and increase productivity. The Company through various collaborative public and private partnerships will utilize the assets under its management to promote investments in sectors such as Agriculture, Aquaculture, Mining, Energy, Construction, Tourism, and other manufacturing interests. The SCJH will support these investments primarily by providing lands through sale, leases, or joint venture arrangements with investors who propose viable projects.

Greater Bernard Lodge Master Plan

Agri-Business, which according to the World Investment Report is a growth area for the upcoming year, is currently under contemplation. The SCJH, with its vast array of properties in diverse microclimates, will provide land to produce: fruits, vegetables, flavours, and essences. These commodities present excellent market potential which the country needs to capitalize on.

The SCJH will operate in full compliance with the appropriate policies of the Government and the Board of Directors as we undertake the task of contributing to national development.


Solar Power for Irrigation at Monymusk Sugar Estate

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed between the Sugar Company of Jamaica Holdings Limited and BMR Energy LLC for the development of...
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