In addition to monitoring the various investors the SCJ Holdings Limited seeks to accomplish its mission to provide efficient land management services that will foster sustainable, economic and social development in the sugar-dependent communities by engaging in a number of projects. These projects include its Community Regularization and Development Project, its “Navel String” Tree Planting Project, and its Pipe-laying and Well Rehabilitation Projects which provides much needed water to farmers ensuring productive yields.

The SCJH also fosters job creation and economic growth by putting the lands under its control into productive use via lease agreements for various forms of activities including farming, mining, solar energy generation, manufacturing, and other commercial activities. We also seek to provide access to affordable housing for low-income earners by facilitating the showcasing of a number of model units offered by skilled developers. In addition to providing access to affordable housing we also join with developers for the creation of housing lots and units at various locations across the island.

The SCJH has identified a number of sites for various forms of developments including housing, solar farming, aquaculture, transhipment ports, and commercial developments.

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Community Regularization & Development Programme

The ‘Community Regularization & Development Programme’ was implemented due to the historical development of informal communities around the various sugar estates across the island. These informal communities lack the necessary facilities and structures characteristic of properly planned communities. A number …

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‘Navel String’ Tree Planting Project

The SCJ Holdings Limited (SCJH) in fulfilling its mission has embarked on its ‘Navel String’ Tree Planting Project. This tree-planting project entails the planting of One Million Trees across the island over the next four (4) years. Its primary objectives are as …

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‘Navel String’ Tree Planting Project Launch

The SCJH officially launched its ‘Navel String’ Tree Planting Project on Tuesday, February 17, 2015. The launch of this project took the form of an opening ceremony held at the National Water Commission’s Artificial Groundwater Aquifer Recharge Facility located on Old Harbour …

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Mumby, Clarendon

Site Name:     Mumby Location:     Part of Monymusk in the parish of Clarendon Proposed Use:     Aquaculture Land Size:     477 hectares Title:     Volume 1304 Folio 620 Site Features:     Surround by the …

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Mitchell Town, Clarendon

Site Name:     Mitchell Town Location:     Part of Mitchell Town in the parish of Clarendon Proposed Use:     Aquaculture Land Size:     131 hectares Title:     Volume 218 Folio 78 Site Features:     Irregularly …

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Longsville Park, Clarendon

Site Name:     Longsville Park Location:     Part of Longsville Park Pen in the parish of Clarendon. Proposed Use:     HousingSolar Farming Land Size:     167 hectares Title:     Volume 1095 Folio 366 Site Features:     …

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Innswood, St. Cathrine

Site Name:     Innswood Location:     Part of Innswood in the parish of St. Catherine and is located on the old Innswood Sugar Factory Compound Proposed Use:     Industrial ParkLight ManufacturingWarehousing Land Size:     4 hectares Title:   …

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Ettingdon, Trelawny

Site Name:     Ettingdon Location:     Ettingdon forms part of Long Pond Estate in the parish of Trelawny. Proposed Use:     Solar Farm Land Size:     81 hectares Title:     Volume 670 Folio 51 Site Features: …

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Windsor / Hill Run

Site Name:     Windsor / Hill Run Location:     Windsor / Hill Run is part of land part of Little Windsor in the parish of St. Catherine. Proposed Use:     Solar Farming Land Size:     120 hectares …

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Golden Grove / Stokes Hall

Site Name:     Golden Grove / Stokes Hall Location:     Part of Duckenfield Estate in the parish of St. Thomas. Proposed Use:     Commercial Land Size:     2 hectares Title:     Volume 1438 Folio 950 Site …

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Barham Wharf

Site Name:     Barham Wharf Location:     The Barham Wharf is located in the town of Savanna-La-Mar, the capital of the parish of Westmoreland and is located on the Caribbean Sea. Proposed Use:     Transshipment Port Commercial Industrial Marina …

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