Innswood, St. Cathrine

Innswood, St. Cathrine
Site Name:  Innswood
Location:  Part of Innswood in the parish of St. Catherine and is located on the old Innswood Sugar Factory Compound
Proposed Use:
  Industrial Park
Light Manufacturing
Land Size:  4 hectares
Title:  Volume 67 Folio 27 AND Volume 67 Folio 28
Site Features:

  Bordered by several cane farms with many operational irrigation canals and wells in close proximity Irregularly shaped and flat and is accessible by major roads and is only 10 minutes drive from the major Highway (Highway 2000)
Wired with 3-Phase Power Supply
Due to the type of amenities available and the past use of the property, this parcel of land is best used for Industrial Purposes